Welcome To TYRE PARTNER Your Free Online Portal

Tyrepartner is a revolutionary powerful website geared to the tyre trade which enables the customer to search for almost any tyre they require.

Listing every current major brand and some exclusive own brand tyres. The platform works in conjunction with over 20 supply partners based both here in the UK, Europe and worldwide to give the most comprehensive list of product availability by size you can get. Finding the right tyre in a size is also very easy, as results are split down in there categories of car, van, 4×4/SUV, run flat, winter and all season.

We have two House brands Radar and Zeta which between them cover almost all of your daily tyre requirements from Classic tyres Runflats to mud terrain . Both of these brands are also avaialble  as part of our dealership programs

The VRM look up tool provides useful information on what sizes the car was on direct out of the factory along with tyre pressures. The website allows customers to order up to 12 midnight for next day delivery (on our own delivery vehicles). The site has the ability to print any invoice that you have made, request a live statement, look at what you have been buying and present the results in a clear ‘pie chart’ format, and set sell out prices to your customer easily.

 A total tyre supply solution for you here at www.tyrepartner.co.uk


We use the latest tecnology to aid our drivers to deliver your tyres.

From powerful routing and optimization to electronic PODS Emailed invoices and ETA’S help you plan your day

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