Founded in 1931, Bridgestone tyres is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world today.

Bridgestone tyres subject every single tyre they produce to vigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and safety standards possible. Bridgestone tyres can be defined by three key elements; Safety, comfort and eco-friendliness.

Bridgestone’s commitment to safety and efficiency is reflected in its partnerships with major car manufacturer;, they are the Original Equipment supplier and performance tyre of choice for the likes of Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo. I n fact 1 in every 5 new cars around the world is fitted with Bridgestone tyres.

Each year Bridgestone spend £300 million on research and development; developing technologies to continuingly improve safety, performance and efficiency

Bridgestone currently have seven car tyre ranges, designed for a variety of cars and needs; including everyday tyres, winter tyres, eco tyres and high performance sport tyres.

All Eden Tyres branches stock a wide range of Bridgestone tyres for cars, vans and 4×4 vehicles. As we regularly stock Bridgestone tyres in such high quantities, our prices are very competitive and ETS customers get great value prices on this premium quality tyre.


Perfect precision with our premium Sports Tyre range

Unleash the full potential of your high-performance vehicle. Bridgestone’s POTENZA range delivers genuine grip power, precision response and high levels of safety.

Developed by and for the world’s most demanding drivers.


In harmony with life – our premium Touring range

No other tyre satisfies your quest for harmony like Bridgestone’s TURANZA range.

State-of-the-art construction meets the most advanced tread designs for an unprecedented synergy between safety, comfort and performance.


Go the extra mile with our eco performance tyres

Reducing your carbon footprint no longer means having to compromise on safety, comfort or handling.

Bridgestone’s ECOPIA range combines low rolling resistance with outstanding wet-weather safety and performance.


Excellent performance for your SUV or 4×4

Why follow when you can make your own path with Bridgestone’s DUELER range?

Combining robust construction and ground-breaking tread designs, these tyres are built to handle life’s unexpected turns in comfort and style.


Resolute performance through the Winter months

The BLIZZAK range brings together new innovations in tread and materials technology to deliver the safety and performance you need in today’s increasingly diverse and unpredictable conditions.

So you can hit the road with total confidence in all winter conditions: from sunny to snowy and everything in between. Engineered with your safety in mind.


Long-lasting durability with our premium van tyres

Get more out of your tyres and your business with Bridgestone’s DURAVIS range of van tyres.

Our focus on safety, durability and fuel economy help minimise the total cost of ownership and maximise your return on investment.


Excellent reliability in even the toughest winters

When the going gets tough, the tough get the excellent safety and performance of Bridgestone’s studded NORANZA winter tyres.

Precision-engineered for superlative grip and braking response on ice and compacted snow.